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Posted by Tom Power on 30-Jan-2017 at 05:48:22 EST
Subject: Old cabinet lock (thru the door type)

I have a cabinet lock that has Terryville Conn stamped on the back in a circular format. The company name rides off the end of the plate. On the back of the lock is "2R9" Can I get any information?

Posted by Rick on 13-Sep-2016 at 06:13:18 EST
Subject: Hartmann Yale H71 key

I given an mid 1920's a Hartmann wardrobe trunk but it is locked with no key. I am looking for a Yale Hartmann H71 key for the lock. From what I have read it is a common lock number but I have not been able to locate a key for it and do not wish to drill the lock out. Any help you can provide in finding a key that would open the truck would be appreciated.

Posted by Don Zaengle on 15-Aug-2016 at 02:24:18 EST
Subject: U.S. Lock Company, Providence, Rhode Island

Hello,<br>I trying to get information (when they were in business, what type of locks they made, etc, etc) on the U.S. Lock Company, Providence, Rhode Island. I've research the web and have come up with very little info. I'd greatly appreciate any help,<br>Thanks for your time and knowledge.

Posted by Aristides on 07-Jul-2016 at 11:47:45 EST
Subject: Bastion - Castle Lock?

If I were to send a photo of an old lock I own would someone be able to help identify it?<br> I’ve done diligent work via internet but have only been able to find out the lock’s manufacturer: Hobbs & Co, London.<br> I’d be grateful for any help on this quest. <br>Aristides@methownet.com

Posted by Monica on 23-Apr-2016 at 07:03:53 EST
Subject: c 1900? Corbin Cabinet Lock Co.suitcase trunk

I have an old black vulcanized fibre case with a solid brass keyhole Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. New Britian Conn USA lock with stamp and the latches are Eagle lock company terryville connecticut, also stamped as such. The Corbin lock is a keyhole. Any thoughts on dating? I have looked for a # on the lock so that I could find a replacement key with no luck. Help?

Posted by Kelly on 13-Feb-2016 at 08:27:35 EST
Subject: Unique Key

Recently inherited a home that was built in 1914. We have many keys but one that is unique in that on one side it says: The Eagle and Screw Company Terryville Conn. TNHMK; the other side simply says: Eagle. <br><br>The key does not fit a door so I am curious as to the lock it fits? Thank you kindly.

Posted by jpla54@att.net on 08-Feb-2016 at 11:22:26 EST
Subject: Hitching Post Lock w/key

I have an old blacksmiths forged hitching post lock and I don't seem to find any on your site nor anywhere else!!! I am willing to send a picture but you don't give any reply email addresses.

Posted by Robb on 10-Aug-2015 at 08:22:59 EST
Subject: History of an old Yale Padlock

I have an old Yale padlock I found at a gold mine (central part of Alaska). Trying to get some information as to how old it is and because of the unique design I was wondering if it had a specific purpose. Can send photos. Hoping to find someone who could make a key for it.<br>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<br>Please reply to: rrpawprint@alaska.net

Posted by chris on 17-Jun-2015 at 18:29:31 EST
Subject: Eagle Lock key

Hi, I recently acquired a Barnes Lock and Safe Co safe. There is an inside locking compartment wuth an Eagle Lock Co lock. The code on the lock is 22H11. I don't have a key and am looking for one. There seems to be no record that I can find about this lock code. Anyone know where I can find an original key? Cmm673@verizon.net

Posted by Don on 30-Dec-2014 at 17:29:21 EST
Subject: How to remove padlock cylinder

I have my father's Eagle brass padlock but no key. The lock is now open. A local locksmith was able to pick the lock and provided a blank that fits, but he was not able to remove the cylinder. The lock has a hole in the body side opposite the hasp latch, and a pin hole beside the cylinder under the fixed side of the hasp. The blank that fits the cylinder is an ILCO 1014 DX EA13. No marking on the body other than the word EAGLE. Any help greatly appreciated. May reply to my email: dketter@sbcglobal.net